Saving lives, one photo at a time™

Samuel the Pit Bull photographed by Sherry Stinson, TylerDog Photography

Samuel the Pit Bull puppy, saved from a gassing facility in Altus, OK. This is his adoption photo.


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Our tagline has always been “saving lives, one photo at a time™.” The reason is we truly believe each photo we take is helping to save a life of the dog or cat featured in it. At the very least, it’s giving that animal greater exposure, with a greater chance to be seen and saved.

In five short years, we’ve taken over 37,000 photos of homeless dogs and cats, traveling from Tulsa, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, and points in between. When we do rescue shoots, it comes out of our pocket. We don’t have corporate sponsors or rich benefactors. We’re working stiffs like the majority of you. We’ve never said no to a rescue, no matter if it’s 40 minutes or four hours away. If you would like to donate towards gas and travel expenses as we continue our good works, we guarantee your donations will only go towards our continued rescue work.

Not only do we give back through rescue photography, but we also work with Dr. Sarah Gordon of 4 the Animals Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Sarah donates countless hours and dollars towards helping those less fortunate, and also rescues a great number of dogs, many of whom are on death row at local shelters. We help Dr. Gordon with rescue shoots, training, and actual rescues of dogs in need.

No matter if you can donate or not, thank you for visiting with us!

*We are not a 501(c)3, so unfortunately your donations are not tax deductible.