About TylerDog

Sherry Stinson
I’m Sherry Stinson, owner of TylerDog Photography. Ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper (sorry, we say things like that in Arkansas), I’ve had a camera in my hand. A good day is one spent taking pictures. A great day is taking pictures of pets, which, of course, is what I do.

I have a deep and abiding love for animals of all kinds, but especially dogs. There’s just something about the soulful looks you get when looking at them through the lens. The intense “I’ll follow you anywhere” devotion that comes from a dog. Don’t get me wrong. I love cats, too. But cats are like, “Hey, I’m busy, leave a message and I’ll get back with you…maybe!” Dogs are like, “Mom, I love you! Where you going?! Whatcha doing?! Can I follow you in the bathroom?!” And yes, my dogs always speak with exclamation points!

Many years ago, when my sweet old Doberman Pinscher, Tyler, passed away, I was heartbroken. The grief prompted me to do something in his memory, so I started TylerDog, creating pet sympathy cards. Why sympathy cards? Because I had so many friends tell me, “I’m so sorry to hear Tyler died, but there just wasn’t an appropriate card to send you.” So, true to my nature, I took it upon myself to fill this vacuum and thus, TylerDog pet greeting cards was born. For years, we sold our cards strictly on eBay and through word-of-mouth, enjoying great success with these methods.

Fast forward to now and TylerDog expanded into birthday, all-occasion, and holiday cards. We’ve sold in all 50 states and 11 foreign countries! Our cards are carried at a few out-of-state retail locations, veterinarians use our pet sympathy cards for their clients, and we have such loyal customers one lady from California has purchased her Pug Christmas cards from us for over seven years!

As you may have read in the “Giving Back” section, in my spare time I also help rescues and shelters, photographing their available animals for adoption. Professional photographs of these homeless pets has made such a difference in increasing adoption rates and helps raise awareness about the plight of shelter dogs and cats.

When I’m not busy taking pictures, I’m the servant to Destiny the Pibble, The OGs (my three old granny dogs), and the rest of my pack who expect me to be at their beck-and-paw.