Here’s a little bit of what people are saying about TylerDog Photography . . .

Cookie Monster by TylerDog Photography
“What we said (on the Channel 2 news broadcast) is so true. Before we asked Sherry to help, our adoptions were few and far between because the photos (by me) were terrible. Bad lighting, in kennels, etc. Sherry gets photos of happy and healthy dogs. Our adoption rate has skyrocketed with Sherry’s help. I can’t thank you enough!” ~Cristina Guerra, Director, Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue, Tulsa OK

“This lady is a premier photographer, offering up some of the best dog shots nationwide. Giving, approachable, gifted, educated, and completely loving, I admire Sherry Stinson immensely. She goes to the location, uses her own equipment, which is NOT cheap, donates her time, then takes the work home, downloads, edits, and gets to the right people to offer these dogs another chance. Much love and appreciation to Sherry, as well as the shelter workers for making this happen.” ~Amber Elmore, Elmore Photography and Rescue Advocate, Ft. Smith AR

“Your pics are MAGIC! Do you know how many people I have had to turn down on our pups??!!!! A LOT!!!! They have all been adopted out!” ~Amanda Kloski, Sulphur Animal Shelter, Sulphur OK

“In case you guys weren’t aware, Sherry Stinson is an amazingly kind photographer who donates her time and services to rescue and shelter animals in need of a home or, more importantly, a chance to make it out alive. She recently photographed the animals at the small Sulphur shelter and in the mere hours since her photos were posted all of the dogs except for one have found their way to safety. She also photographed a not-so-pretty boxer for me and the very day that dog’s picture hit our website she was adopted. Thank you, thank you, thank you to kind souls like Sherry and the awesome people who step up to help these animals in need. If anyone ever needs a photographer, I highly recommend Sherry!” ~Tessa North, Red Dirt Boxer Rescue, Oklahoma City OK

“Sherry’s photos  make our animals look like rock stars! The animals really respond to Sherry’s gentle nature enabling her to get the perfect shots to show off their personalities. Her wonderful photos of our animals have increased adoptions and raised the community’s awareness of the pet overpopulation problem.” ~Lianne McKinley, Programs Director, Washington County SPCA, Bartlesville OK

“I picked up my photos from Sherry today. They’re better than I could have ever imagined! Thank you so much!!!!!!” ~Dee Martin Meeks, client and Friends of Rescued Mastiffs

“Same thing at Sulphur – success! Within 24 hours of pics being posted all dogs were adopted. We have a 100% successful adoption rate with Sherry’s photos.” ~Marie Womack, Sulphur Animal Shelter, Sulphur OK

Before and After Photo by Sherry Stinson, TylerDog Photography

“Woooow! Exceeded my already high expectations!” ~Matt Wilkinson, repeat client and rescue advocate

“This is fantastic! We cannot believe it! Wow! Sherry, the photo of Hercules is amazing! He is so much more than a pretty face! You really brought out his beauty, which is hard for a lot of people to see. Thank you!” ~Lori Robinson, Haven of Hope Rescue Foundation, Piedmont OK

“Sherry does AMAZING work! Besides her volunteer work, she also photographs family pets. Her fabulous portraits of our own rescued darlings bring smiles every day! She can capture moments that would be missed by many other cameras. I can’t say enough good about Sherry and the work she does! So glad to see this story in the Tulsa World!” ~Carol Friesen

“Incredible woman, incredible service, incredible talent, incredible mission! Sherry is one of those people you meet who gives you faith in mankind and makes you think our species is inherently good.” ~Ned Bruha, The Skunk Whisperer

“Sherry is a great friend to dog rescues and shelters all over Oklahoma. She tirelessly gives her time to help homeless dogs put their best paw forward. She has a unique way of capturing the essence of every dog she photographs. I highly recommend Sherry Stinson and TylerDog Photography!” ~Don Barbee, Jr., Chouteau Pound Pals

“TylerDog Photography does fantastic work! I highly recommend Sherry Stinson’s photography. She is the dog whisperer with a camera!” ~Darlene Shoemake, Bark Park Buddies president

“Thank you, Sherry. Your work is quite amazing!!! Wow!!! It was a pleasure to meet you and appreciate your time and efforts in helping my babies who have nothing. Thank you again!!” ~Gina Gardner Adams, Durant OK rescue volunteer

“One of the best photographers with the biggest heart! A must see if you love animals and have a heart!” ~Dawn Rice Haney

“What has happened as a result of those beautiful photos is we’re seeing people walk in daily, asking to see a pet by name. The only way they would know the pet’s name is from the Internet photos. The burden for us to get beautiful pictures to our transport partners is also lightened. They love them! And finally, more people in the community are interested in helping the shelter. People like to help organizations that have their ducks in a row and are good at what they do. Sherry is a big part of this . . . she is truly a Godsend! Everyone I talk to is just blown away by her work! She is so talented!” ~Dawnette Brady, president, Washington County SPCA

“We don’t say it enough – we are very fortunate to be able to work with you! You do an amazing job and you are just a pleasure to work with . . . you’re just amazing and we thank you!” ~Laci Dutra, Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue