Success in Sulphur!

We journeyed to Sulphur, OK last week to photograph their available dogs and one cat. As with many animal shelters in Oklahoma, they are very small, no budget to speak of, and understaffed. When the shelter fills up, if no one steps forward to adopt, transport, or foster the animals, the only alternative is euthanasia. Cry foul, if you will, but facts are facts. Let’s face it, people, we have a pet overpopulation problem in the United States and although it may be getting better in some places, small shelters like Sulphur face this dilemma week after week. As was said in the days of old, “there’s no room at the inn…” and today, most shelters are overflowing with dogs and cats facing a death sentence. It is a neverending problem.

However, we have a success story this time. We beat the odds! After shooting and editing the photos, I found out the deadline for euthanasia was fast approaching because the shelter was full with new intake. So, I posted the photos to Facebook, sent out pleas to various groups, friends, and other rescue people; hounded (pardon the pun) all my colleagues who know I’m a little crazy about dogs. Networked with the fantastic volunteers at Sulphur, who had already been working behind the scenes to find homes, fosters, or transports for these furry friends. Less than 24 hours after hitting Facebook, every single dog except for one was either fostered, adopted, or will be transported to a new home! Now how’s that for social networking?!

It doesn’t mean the job is done, though. Fostering is great, but we need permanent homes for those being fostered so the foster parents can do what they’re so great at doing – preparing a shelter dog or cat for their permanent, forever home. Bentley is the sole remaining dog no one has wanted – either to adopt, transport or foster. He’s still at the shelter. So today’s post is about Bentley, the hunky guy at the top of the post. Look deeply into his eyes (if you can get past those hilarious ears!) and see what he’s saying. Here’s what I think Bentley is saying…

“Hi, y’all! My name’s Bentley. This is my ‘studmuffin’ look. It works, don’t you think? I’m a nice, medium-size dog with a heart of gold and all I want is a chance to prove it! See my ears? I’ll watch over you at night, listening for danger while you sleep. I’m not sure how old I am, maybe two- or three-years old. What I do know is I really want a forever home. It’s cold and lonely sleeping in the kennel. The people here are really nice, but I want people to call my ‘own’, ya know? I think we could be best pals, so please consider adopting me!”

Wow, Bentley sure does talk a lot!

We only posted those that still need permanent homes (they’re marked “foster”). Please open your heart and consider adopting one of these beautiful dogs. For more information about any of them contact Wall-E’s Friends on Facebook, call Amanda at (580) 622-6266 or email If you want to see the rest of the dogs and one cat who were rescued, visit our Facebook album.

Help change their lives for the better! Until next time…

tylerdog - February 27, 2012 - 4:39 pm

That’s fantastic news! Thanks for letting me know!

Karen - February 24, 2012 - 11:01 pm

Hello again. I had to stop by to let you know that Bentley has been adopted this afternoon. To quote his new mom, “I have been trying to find a dog that can handle my family.” I think he will be a good match for them, and vice versa. He will be going to his new home early next week.
Happy day!

tylerdog - February 24, 2012 - 2:57 am

You’re very welcome! All of you volunteers are the true heroes, working day after day for these wonderful animals, trying to find homes and give them a happy life! I appreciate all of YOU! I’ll definitely make a return trip to Sulphur and look forward to meeting you, too!

Karen - February 23, 2012 - 3:26 pm

Thank you for taking the time to come to Sulphur to photograph our animals. I attribute your beautiful photographs and networking to this success story. You are appreciated!
We deal with the stress of a pending euthanasia each week. I think I speak for the other volunteers when I say that the hyper-vigilance and the networking efforts are emotionally and physically draining. Some of us (unintentionally) work around the clock to share photos, bios and field questions. Occasionally, we get to take a breather and relax for a day or a weekend, but because we love these guys so much, we will whole-heartedly jump right in with our networking and placement efforts the next Monday morning.
Thank you, again and I hope to meet you if you make a return trip to Sulphur.
Networking, Foster and Volunteer Transport

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